Dr. C.V. Sathya Narayanan (CVS) 2.0 Version

Sathya Ramya

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Nov 14,2020

Note : This blog is created as a part of Internship Program with Digital Deepak. Targeting purely on Learning curve!

Vision 2027 : In the world of Digital Marketing (DM), each one will know about him for his Abundant knowledge and contribution given to this Society as a Digital Professional , who is non other than Mr. Sathya Narayanan.

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He is one of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs of India, owning a Digital Marketing Company named “YOG -DIGITAL” with a revenue of XXX $ Billion Dollar Company and having Clients all over the World positioned Head Quarters at Chennai, Southern Part of India.

He started his career as Mid level Engineer and served Few Years of Services, due to Passion over Digital Marketing, changed his Footstep towards it. One of his Start up online Course “Tips & Tricks in DM” has earned him a lot which results in Building “YOG-DIGITAL Marketing Company”

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He is a Strong Orator and quite often mention in his speech that “ Nothing is free in this Earth”. What ever you received from earth, you have to Pay Back for it for Next Generation.

He loves traveling a lot with his family and spent Summer & Winter Holidays in his Private Resort Situated at ……….d.

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His Wife loves Music a lot, based on that, created a website Music 4 all.com and share Various Musical Songs and Videos for all ages. Conduct Online Contest popularly known as “ In Search of Best Voice” and award Prize Winners Fortnightly.

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He adopted a village and provides Education and fulfilling basic needs to that villagers. Do visit the Site life to enjoy.com for further details and as per your wish donate generously.

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He maintain good health by doing yoga and exercises regularly. Strongly believe that any thing given for free is take it for granted. Hence he avoid free Classes / Seminars but do Conduct Paid online classes / seminars and motivates young digital marketers.

He emphasize on helping others which pay positive results in long run. His quotes are “Be Simple and Unique”

Last year he got his Doctorate in Physiology from ………. University.

His Life Time Target is to Receive Nobel prize in the field of Physiology.

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Let us all Congrats him in getting his Life Time Target.